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County Criminal Record Search

Price $34.00 | Turn Around Time: 3-7 Business Days

The county criminal record search consists of an on-site manual search of criminal court records in any county in the United States. These records will indicate if a subject has any record filings within the last seven years, options to search back 10 years are also available. Most courts supply both felony and misdemeanor records, but few only offer felony records.

There are some courts that charge an access fee to perform searches. We would therefore, pass along those costs to you. If the county you would like researched is not on this list, then there is no extra court access fee. See Access Fees here.

Some counties have more than one court to search. In order to give you a thorough and complete search, we need to check all the courts. If the county you would like researched is not on billiable courts list, then there is only one court to be searched and no other fee applies. See Billable Court Fees here.